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Home field advantage in Dublin

A neutral site game with the Huskers they said - sounded to me like it was going to be an Away game for NU - of course I mean Northwestern, not UNL, you’re in the B1G now which is populated by respected and academically minded AAU schools (with one eyesore of an exception) and where our abbreviations make sense and aren‘t made up to be backwards by retards - given how the Red Horde travels.

This said, our propaganda machine is in full swing. Expect the locals to be hostile at least and cheering on the forces of good coached by Paddy Fitzgerald, perhaps offsetting things a bit and making this more neutral ground afterall. Hell, we are still settling on our QB1, but I say give the ball to Brendan Sullivan (Ó Súilleabháin in the old tongue) just to further make it clear to the locals where their sentiments should lie. Scott, meanwhile is well known as a popular surname in England, and your anti-catholic sentiments in Omaha are well documented, and shall be widely shared to be sure.

In any case, I thought you’d be interested in what is going to press on the ground in advance of the game. Mr. Harigan of course is an NU alum from the Medill School of Journalism, and thus is committed to disseminating the truth. Do point out any inconsistencies or corrections to the facts if you must, as we don’t want to be accused of libel. Otherwise, enjoy! And hope for a clean game and that we don’t hurt any of your boys.

Oh, and by the way, you Huskers are indeed wise about one thing. Iowa does indeed suck.