NU @ Charleston Classic

Discussion in 'Basketball Board' started by jieder, Nov 23, 2013.

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    Was at UAB/Nebraska game in Charleston.. Nebraska appears to be much more athletic than in previous years. Very weak on inside and get beat up on boards both offensively and defensively. Need one or two more big guys in middle. Pace of their play considerably faster and fun to watch, however, at times play a little "out of control". Anyone else have observations?
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    Need Smith to be a consistent force on the inside, even if he is more power forward size. With improved defense and team chemistry, I see us as a middle-of-the-pack Big 10 team. Playing well--upper middle Big 10. Playing well and add another big man... [​IMG] We already appear to be on a different 'tier' this year. In years past, we'd have had to play our very best to achieve a 6-point loss to UMass (with UMass overlooking us and playing sloppily) and a meltdown-induced loss to UAB. We played very poorly in some aspects of the game and were still competitive. GBR!

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